Top 25 Reasons to Date a Pilot

25 Best Things About Being Married To A Pilot
25 Best Things About Being Married To A Pilot

1. The Uniform

2. Free/cheap travel (sure it’s standby but it still has its perks)

3. Weekday dates

Couple having a lunch date

Going on weekday dates is a bonus to being married to a pilot.

4. Unless they’re studying, they usually don’t bring work home with them

5. There are nights you can watch whatever you want and not listen to him complain

woman sitting on a couch with a remote watching tv when your pilots away

When your pilot’s away you can watch whatever you want on TV!

6. He probably won’t be home when your online shopping purchases arrive

7. Weekdays at home when they can do school pickup and dropoff!

8. Afternoon quickies that don’t have to be quick

9. Gifts from around the world

Mini Toiletries in a bathroom

An endless supply of mini toiletries – for your guest room or to donate to charity.

10. Mini toiletries

11. Regular supply of free water bottles

12. Having someone to scope out the best holiday spots and hotels

13. Hotel discounts

14. Living with someone who gets to work at their dream job

15. The potential to earn a great income (sure it can take a while but the opportunity is there)

16. Absence makes the heart grow fonder

17. A run of days off is like leave without having to use your leave allocation

18. Getting paid extra to go in to work on a day off

19. Fedex Discount (just show their ID at any Fedex staffed location to receive 75% off air shipments)

20. Having someone who can probably help the kids with their maths homework

21. You become very capable at fixing stuff

22. Visiting busy attractions on a weekday instead of a crazy weekend!

23. Not having to cook a decent meal every night

24. Regular duty free

25. Airport discounts

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