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Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Pilot

Amazing Christmas Gifts for Your Pilot

Christmas is right around the corner so we've hunted down some perfect gifts for your pilot. Even better...a number of them are from fellow pilot wives businesses! 

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If you'd like to gift your pilot something unique and personal, why not check out these airplanes. They are hand drawn by a current airline pilot and can be personalised if desired. Available from Etsy.

Pilot Gifts - Plane Drawn

Pilot Gift Ideas - wine bottle holder

Pilot Wife Lisa creates personalised gifts like this sweet, gravity wine bottle holder. Choose one like this one for your pilot, or just buy yourself the one that says "I drink cause I'm a Pilot's Wife"! Available from Etsy. 

Pilot Gift Ideas - customised ornament

If you're looking for a cute Christmas themed present, pilot wife Kylah at Roughly Charming creates hand painted, glass ornaments. Order one of your pilot's current aircraft or his dream aircraft. You could even order a series of all the aircraft he's flown during his career. 

Do you love to travel with your pilot? Imagine if you could gift him a map of memories! Fill some now and have the gaps help inspire your future travel plans. Available for a range of different countries, states and continents from Etsy. 

Gifts for Pilots - Photo Map

Pilot gifts cufflinks

Looking for something elegant, yet still aviation related? When Adam Met Eve has these elegant, wooden cufflinks with etched plane silhouettes.  Available from Etsy.

Use the code SCM15OFF at checkout to receive 15% off your order. 

Nothing like reminding your husband how much he loves you. Just don't look too closely at the shirt! "I Love My Wife Shirt" available from Unicorn Tees Etsy store.

Christmas gifts for Pilots - Aeroplane underwear I love my wife tshirt

Does your pilot already have everything? Want to buy something to give him a giggle? Surprise him with a pair of these less than practical, but very entertaining underwear! Available from Happy Underwear Gifts on Etsy. Helicopter wives, they've got you covered too! Find the helicopter ones here.

Christmas gifts for Pilots - Aeroplane underwear
Christmas gifts for Pilots - helicopter undies

For more unique artwork head over to Etsy Store StringsAttachedKY. Pilot husband and wife team create all manner of string art. You can choose from aviation pieces, his favourite band or sporting team or a special message of love. 

Christmas Gift Ideas For Pilot

For more ideas like these, check out our gift ideas page here.

Best Christmas Gifts For Pilots

Celebrating Father’s Day When Your Pilot is Away

Celebrating Fathers Day When Your Pilots Away

Fathers' Day in Australia is right around the corner. What does that mean if you're married to a pilot? You're probably going to have to try and figure out a way to help your kids celebrate Dad while he's on the other side of the country - or in another country altogether. 

Don't worry, we've been there and done that before so we have a few little hints to help you still make it a special day​ even if Dad can't be home for the day.

Of course you don't always have to celebrate events on the day they actually fall. Let's face it, if you're married to a pilot, you probably rarely celebrate events when most people do. So assuming you have already planned to celebrate on another day but still want to make Fathers' Day special, here are a few things you may want to try.

Make Time to FaceTime Your Pilot on Father's Day

Sure this seems obvious but with time differences, active children and busy schedules it can be hard to find time to FaceTime. On a day like today though, have a look at your pilot's schedule and see when you may be able to make time to sit down with the kids and make a special call to tell him how much you all love him and appreciate him. 

Hide Something Special for Him​

Airplane Father's Day Craft

With a little bit of planning ahead, you can have the kids create something special and hide it in his luggage or flight bag to find while he's on his trip. It's easy to underestimate the importance these little gestures can make when your partner is away from home. Include some little love notes or a card with some words about how grateful you are for him.

Pinterest have lots of crafty ideas or you can recreate this cute little aeroplane.​

Team Up with His Hotel

I don't know if you've ever tried to organise a delivery for your pilot when he's on an overnight but I have and it was a dismal failure. I'd arranged a birthday hamper and balloon. The weather had other plans and kept him in a completely different city to where the hamper was being delivered. 

To overcome that issue, wait until you know where he's definitely staying for the night. Call or email the hotel and ask if they can arrange to deliver him a special meal with a little message from you and the kids. 

Most hotels will be more than happy to help you spoil him.

Look For an Opportunity to Surprise Him

While meeting him for an overnight may not be the best option (especially if he has an early start and you have the kids with you). Is there another way you can surprise him on Fathers' Day?

Last year our pilot was flying through our hometown. We headed down to the airport with his favourite chocolates and even though it was a quick turnaround, the gate staff radioed him to come to the gate. We showered him with hugs and chocolates and sent him on his way. 

Pilot and Kids Sharing a quick hug on Fathers Day
Pilot and Son Share a Moment at the Airport on Fathers Day

Is he flying through somewhere that you have friends or family? Can you arrange for them to meet him at the airport with something special and a hug from you?

Don't Underestimate a Simple Text Message

If it's too tricky to try and coordinate one or more of the above (or you only just realised it was Father's Day when everyone else started posting about it on Facebook), don't underestimate the power of words. A simple text message with some heartfelt words from you or the kids will go a long way until he's home again and you can celebrate with him. If your kids are still quite young, turn on the emoji keyboard and let them pick a range of their favourite emojis to send him.

You'll see none of these are particularly extravagant or expensive. It's just about looking for a creative way you and the kids can still celebrate your pilot on Father's Day until he can be home with you again.

Share Your Tips With Others​

We'd love you to let us know if you try one of these ideas and how it goes. Even better share your suggestions to help celebrate Fathers' Day even if your pilot is away.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there. 

Celebrating Fathers Day When Your Pilot is Away

Cute Fathers’ Day Airplane Craft Idea

Cute Fathers' Day Aeroplane Craft Idea Using FootPrints. Great for a Pilot Dad or One Who Loves Flying

It's nearly Fathers' Day for lots of you around the world so here's a cute little craft idea you can do with your kids that's perfect for a pilot Dad.

​Items You Need For Footprint Airplane Craft

  • Poster or Acrylic Paints
  • Paintbrush/sponge/paint tray
  • Paper (white or coloured) or framed canvas
  • Permanent Marker Pen​
  • Baby wipes

Creating Your Artwork

This is a great outdoor activity, but if you prefer to do it indoors, I'd lay down some newspaper or other protective covering.

Brush or sponge the paint directly onto the child's foot or get them to step in a tray of paint (this is usually messier but possibly more fun!).

I would recommend doing a couple of test prints first to see how much paint you need and get the child used to holding their foot still and not letting it slip around.

When you're ready, make the footprints and then put them somewhere safe to dry. You might want to make a couple so the kids can paint some as well. Or just in case you muck it up the first time around.​

Use baby wipes or a wet cloth to wipe the kids feet clean before you let them run free!!

Once the footprints are dry, use the marker pen to draw in the cockpit and windows. If your pilot flies cargo, just leave the windows out. Add the wings and tail. Again, if your pilot flies a turboprop, paint a propellor at the nose as well.

You can always add in a few clouds or even some glitter to your artwork when it's done.

Hide your beautiful ​Fathers' Day Airplane Craft away until you have an opportunity to celebrate with your pilot. Or, sneak it into his bag before he goes away as a nice surprise for him when he arrives at his hotel. 

Cute Fathers' Day Aeroplane Craft Idea Using FootPrints. Great for a Pilot Dad or One Who Loves Flying