Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Pilot

Amazing Christmas Gifts for Your Pilot

Christmas is right around the corner so we've hunted down some perfect gifts for your pilot. Even better...a number of them are from fellow pilot wives businesses! 

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If you'd like to gift your pilot something unique and personal, why not check out these airplanes. They are hand drawn by a current airline pilot and can be personalised if desired. Available from Etsy.

Pilot Gifts - Plane Drawn

Pilot Gift Ideas - customised ornament

If you're looking for a cute Christmas themed present, pilot wife Kylah at Roughly Charming creates hand painted, glass ornaments. Order one of your pilot's current aircraft or his dream aircraft. You could even order a series of all the aircraft he's flown during his career. 

A great gift for your pilot is a Hot Logic Mini Personal Portable Oven. These allow them to heat home cooked meals when travelling so they can always feel a little love from home when they're away. For more ideas on meal containers for travelling you can read this post too.

Do you love to travel with your pilot? Imagine if you could gift him a map of memories! Fill some now and have the gaps help inspire your future travel plans. Available for a range of different countries, states and continents from Etsy. 

Gifts for Pilots - Photo Map

If you want your pilot's gift to be amazing yet practical, look no further than Wingmate Tags. Not only do these tags allow you to conceal your personal details with the use of a QR  or NFC code. You can even add some Wingmate stickers to your order so your pilot can label things like their headsets. These tags have been designed by pilots and the business is run by the pilots and their partners. You can choose from a range of different tag designs like this crew one available on the Wingmate website.

Pilot Gift Ideas - Wingmate tags

If you feel like giving your pilot a pass on skipping out on some of the jobs around the house, why not get him this hoody from AirportTag?  Use the code SKY-FAMILIES for a discount.

Pilot gifts cufflinks

Looking for something elegant, yet still aviation related? When Adam Met Eve has these elegant, wooden cufflinks with etched plane silhouettes.  Available from Etsy.

Use the code SCM15OFF at checkout to receive 15% off your order. 

Nothing like reminding your husband how much he loves you. Just don't look too closely at the shirt! "I Love My Wife Shirt" available from Unicorn Tees Etsy store.

Christmas gifts for Pilots - Aeroplane underwear I love my wife tshirt

For more unique artwork head over to Etsy Store StringsAttachedKY. Pilot husband and wife team create all manner of string art. You can choose from aviation pieces, his favourite band or sporting team or a special message of love. 

Christmas Gift Ideas For Pilot

For more ideas like these, check out our gift ideas page here.

Best Christmas Gifts For Pilots


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