Social Media Support

There are a number of pages on Facebook set up to support Partners' of Pilots. Here is a list of some of them. Some of these pages may be secret which means the link to them won't work. Please contact info (@) sky families (.) com for further information on how to be connected with these groups.


Childfree Pilots' Wives

Pilot Spouses Without Kids

Aviation Wives Part Two (A group for wives of airline pilots who are over 45, passed their child-rearing days and married to commercial pilots who are close to retirement.)

Pilots' Wives Part 2 (similar to Aviation Wives Part Two but only need to be child free or empty nesters. Your pilot doesn't need to fly commercial or be close to retirement).


Southwest Airlines - Area Specific


Food, Health and Fitness


Non Rev Travel Friends

Non-Rev Travel Pals

Non Rev Helping Hands

Non-Rev Home Exchange - This is a closed group for organizing potential home exchanges among airline employees, active and retired. Members must be able to prove they are employed by or have retired from an airline.

Some of these groups are designated for airline employees only so you may need to ask your pilot to join them.

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