9 Ways to Meet New People

Almost anyone in aviation will tell you that frequent moves are part of the job. It’s one thing to move when it’s your job. It’s another matter altogether when you’re packing up your life and leaving the people you know and trust to allow your spouse to follow their dream. Make no mistake, moving across the […]

Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Pilot

Amazing Christmas Gifts for Your Pilot

Christmas is right around the corner so we’ve hunted down some perfect gifts for your pilot. Even better…a number of them are from fellow pilot wives businesses! This post contains affiliate links which mean we receive a small commission if you purchase a product. Thank you for your support which helps us to continue to provide […]

What To Do When The Christmas Roster is Crap.

Amazing Christmas Gifts for Your Pilot

Christmas rosters are starting to drop across the industry and you can hear the collective groans as families realise they’re going to miss a series of special days with their loved ones. So how to you cope when the roster brings nothing but disappointment? It’s easy enough to say “just celebrate on a different day”. But […]

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