Online Resources to assist with Homeschooling

Online Resources to Assist with Homeschooling

Whether you've found yourself suddenly homeschooling due to the current Corona lockdowns or are a veteran of the game, I've pulled together a number of the resources people have been posting on various resources available to help you fill the day with kids at home and limited opportunities to get out and about. 

First up - Structure Your Day

Nothing wrong with hanging out in your jim jams all day if that's what floats your boat, but if you feel that you and/or your children would benefit from a little more structure then US teacher, Mrs Fahrney has put together a daily schedule to help you plan your day while you're at home with the kids. 

Homeschooling Schedule

Virtual Outings and Field Trips

Just because you're stuck in the house, doesn't mean you can't still explore the big wide world.

Mrs Farhney has also put together a list of  Virtual Field Trips including venues such as the San Diego Zoo, US Space and Rocket Museum and the Great Wall of China.

Virtual Field Trips Homeschooling
Virtual Field Trips Homeschooling

Activities To Do at Home

Want to just play and enjoy some extra quality time with your kids? These links will help you out with lots of ideas.

  • School psychologist and Homeschool Blogger Cait has a very comprehensive blog on "Gameschooling" - how to make homeschooling fun using games.
  • For the more (and less) creative souls, Art Hub for Kids has a huge range of art activities including lots of drawing tutorials which kids love!
  • Kids needing some downtime or mindfulness? Cosmic Kids Yoga You Tube channel has plenty of videos of varying lengths.
  • Go Noodle is full of videos to get kids moving but also includes quieter, relaxation options as well. 
  • Audible offers at least one month free trial (you can often extend it when you cancel) so you can download audio books for your kids to listen to.
30 At Home Brain Breaks

Structured and Subscription Based Services

  • Kids Activity Blog has put together a comprehensive list of education companies offering free subscriptions to assist you with homeschooling.
  • Teachers Pay Teachers  has a wide range of teaching resources for all ages. Many free. 
  • Scholastic has put together grade specific resources, sorted into daily learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video. Kids can do them on their own, with their families, or with their teachers. Just find your grade level and let the learning begin!
  • Mystery Science - lots of free, grade specific resources for Kindy - Grade 5.
  • Outschool - Live Online Classes for Ages 3-18.
  • Amazon Prime Creative Galaxy - have an Amazon Prime membership? Arty and his sidekick Epiphany, search the galaxy to solve creative problems with art! Arty and Epiphany enlist the help of the preschool home viewer.
  • Not So Formulaic has compiled a list of 100 Online Resources for Gifted Kids but plenty would be suitable for a wide range of learners. 
  • has a huge library of free resources that can be sorted by grade, subject and topic. 
  • Twinkl is offering a one month membership free of charge when you use the code AUSTRCODE.

I am still working on this list so feel free to bookmark this link and check back whenever you're feeling stuck.

If you're looking for resources for older children or apps, I'm working on those posts. And will link them here when they're live. 


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