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atlas air loss

A few years ago a women who is part of a support page for pilots’ wives which I am a member of, posted this moving tribute after the loss of Egypt Air MS804 and gave me permission to share it.

With the loss of another 3 lives aboard Atlas Air Flight 3591 I am again reminded of her poignant words. 

“A tragedy happened today in the airline that my husband works in, Egypt Air, a plane coming from Paris to Cairo crashed and went missing. 66 people including crew members sadly lost their lives on the plane.
My heart is aching for everyone who lost their loved ones today.
But I can’t stop thinking of the pilot’s wife who was sleeping at 2 am knowing that her husband will be back from work at about 3 am, he will open the door and walk in their room, turn on the lights and starts to unpack his luggage just like he has been doing the same thing that she used to find so tiresome but after years of being married to a pilot, its what she calls “life”.
It's aching for how she had no doubt that maybe he is late because the plane is delayed, it's aching because she woke up calling him and his phone was off one hour after the other.
Its aching because of the kids who were sleeping in the other room who were told right before they went to sleep that their dad will be back tomorrow morning and he has a couple of days off so he will be here for the weekend (ya because this happens no more than once a month) Whose excitement waiting turns into an excruciating heartbreaking.
its broken into pieces for this woman whose husband went to work and never came back home. Its broken for the pilot who had to go through the one thing that he lives his entire life fearing it would happen and it happened too soon . My heart is really aching because he will never have one more chance to be home with his loved ones again.
My husband is flying to China and i cant wait to hug him when he comes back home. God bless our pilots.

” Fayrouz Nasser Eid.

Our thoughts are with all the families and friends of the crew involved. We hope they receive some answers soon about what has happened.

If you wish to provide financial support for the families I have verified these Go Fund Me links:

Sean Archuleta - Mesa, jumpseat pilot

Conrad Aska and Ricky Blakely - Atlas Pilots


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