Best Dog Breeds For Families

choosing the right dog breed

As the partner of a pilot, you may be concerned about often being home alone. A dog can be great company and protection for you and your family, however it can only be a friend to the entire family if you get the right breed. For large or small families, when there are children around you have to consider a pet that will be compatible with everyone - from youngest to oldest. Here are some factors to consider and some of the best dog breeds to own in a family setting.

First Things To Consider When Looking For A Family Dog:

Dogs are animals. Even though you may see them on television in playful roles, those dogs are trained. In order for dogs to be conditioned to your home and especially your children, they will need some training performed on your part. This is just one of the things to consider when choosing the appropriate dog for your household.

Here are a few other questions to ask yourself.

First, how old are your kids? Young children can jump on animals, handle them too harshly and even hold them too tightly. Be sure that your choice of dog is hearty enough to deal with it.

Young girl lying on a dog cuddling it.

Young children can be very rough with pets. Make sure you choose a breed that can handle some rough love!

Second, does anyone have allergies? Some research shows that children who are exposed to pets during the first years of their life have fewer incidents of pet allergies.

Third, are you an active family? Some breeds need a lot of exercise. You might not be as active if you have very small children. Depending on their exercise level, you may be okay with taking them to the dog park or having a fenced-in yard.

Also remember that puppies and sometimes older dogs can be quite destructive while they're learning. If you're not prepared for a few holes in your garden or puppy slobber and teeth marks all over your favourite pair of shoes then you may wish to reconsider bringing a dog into your home. 

dog next to an exploded cushion

Be prepared to lose some belongings to your puppy while they're learning.

Finally, do your research. If you have a certain dog breed in mind, learn all that you can about it to ascertain if it will be well suited to your family dynamics.

Popular Dog Breeds

Here are 7 dog breeds to consider for your home:

1. Golden Retriever -These large, lovable dogs are loyal and protective of their family. They need lots of exercise outside and mental stimulation to be satisfied. With rambunctious kids, there will be no problem with that.

2. Labrador Retriever - These dogs are not as shaggy as Golden Retriever dogs but just as loyal and obedient. They are easy to train and need lots of exercise.

Beagle dog

Beagles are quite social dogs.

3. Beagle - Everyone wants a dog like Snoopy. They make good pets because they are quite social. For families, this is a perfect combination. Beagles love to explore and run. A small yard is okay.

4. Labradoodle - Perfect for people with allergies or asthma. The Labradoodle is a cross or hybrid between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. It is sometimes difficult to discern what characteristics your Labradoodles might grow up to have. Because of this, certain traits, such as hair, can come in a variety of ways such as wiry, soft, straight, wavy, or curly. they need a LOT of exercise.

5. Terrier - The West Highland breed is best for homes with older children. They are happy and like to exercise but are not tolerant of smaller kids pulling and grabbing them.

​6. Whippet - These are super-friendly dogs but the will need you to take them someplace where they can have a good run each day.

7. Shih Tzu​ - The perfect lap dog – incredible affectionate. Remember that they will need regular grooming as their coat will grow and grow otherwise. These dogs are great with kids.

Dogs can make excellent pets for family homes. It is best to raise your chosen dog from puppyhood with your kids so they are used to their quirks especially if you are new to dog ownership.


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