Best Family Organising Apps if You’re A Pilot Wife

The Best Family Organising Apps If You're A Pilot Wife

Organising all the day to day activities for a family is challenging enough. Add in the unpredictability and regular absences that being married to a pilot brings and you really have your work cut out for you.

 We've done some research and found some of the best family organising apps to help you stay organised and on top of life and, at the same time, make sure your pilot knows what's going on as well.

Cozi Family Organiser

If you're looking for an app to help the whole family stay on top of everything, Cozi is your friend.

Cozi has a shared, colour coded calendar, to do list, meal planner and shopping list.

Best Family organisers and Calendar apps for A Pilot Wife - Cozi

Cozi's colour coded calendar

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You can save recipes you love and drag them into your meal planner (happy days!!) or choose from pre loaded recipes on the app. You can even include links to the recipe website.

Best Family Organisers and Calendar Apps if You’re A Pilot Wife Cozi Meal Planner

Cozi's Meal Planner

You can journal little things that happen through the day or week and share them with others who aren't part of your Cozi family or just have them available so your pilot can see them when he logs in at the end of a shift. 

Cozi is available on iPhone and iPad, Android and Windows 8.1​ and both free and paid versions available

Gold (paid) version includes: contacts and birthday lists and no ads​.

Create a Cozi Account for the Whole Family Today and keep your family's schedules and lists organised in one shared calendar. It's FREE!


I had heard about Trello a number of times as a great project management app. I hadn't really given it much thought until I needed to research a solution for a committee I am on. Trello ticked all the boxes for us.

What I hadn't considered is that running a home really is a type of project management and I am now hooked on Trello! I have boards to manage a number of different organisations I work with, I have boards to help keep me on track for Sky Families and I have one for the home.

You can add documents, notes and comments, assign tasks to individual people. It's such a great way to keep you and your pilot on the same page no matter your location or timezone. 

Best Family Organising Apps if you're pilot wife - Trello

We recently had to fix a storm damaged fence. We were able to upload quotes, note when we had called the insurance company and then when either of us had time, we could log in and immediately pick up where the other had left off.

I love that you can customise the background image or colour of the board too. Doesn't hurt when your To Do list is looking beautiful.

Even better, Trello's free version has a bucketload of capabilites which should be enough for most home management requirements. If you really want to take it to the next level, there's a paid version as well.

Trello is available on desktop and Apple and Android devices.

Tody Home Cleaning Management App

Today screen shot state of housework

Keeping up with the housework isn't always easy when there's no routine in your life. Save yourself some chaos on "come home" day with Tody. 

This app helps you keep track of housework and when it's due (or well overdue!!) and you can share the app with your pilot. You can add additional users in the app itself, so if you have an iPad that's usually at home, maybe it's cheaper to run the joint tasks on that. 

You can see which areas and tasks are most in need of attention and have the app send reminders when something is due. It's not always obvious when some household tasks have been attended to so this is one way for you and your pilot to easily communicate when something has been done (or needs doing). 

Tody is available here for Apple and Android devices and has free and premium versions. 

Sortly Organizer App

Moving Checklist Sortly

Moving Checklist Sortly

Sortly is an organising app designed to help you stay on top of tasks like moving house or organising belongings. It allows you to take photo inventory of all your items and even create QR labels for easy reference (in the plus version). 

Sortly also has an integrated checklist to help you plan for moving house and not miss any important tasks.

Create Your Own QR Codes with Sortly

Create Your Own QR Codes with Sortly - great for labelling boxes if you're moving house.

You can also make a note of items you lend out to others and warranty expiring items (or gift vouchers) and Sortly will send you a reminder about them. 

As you can share the account details with others it doesn't matter if you add items to the app when your pilot is working, they will automatically sync on all connected devices. 

Currently there are both free and paid versions of Sortly available on iOS and Android which you can access here. 

So there you have my Top 4 apps to help you stay on top of chaos and communication around the house when you live with a pilot!

For other suggestions to help you plan and stay on top of things when you live with a pilot, you can read Planning Ahead When You're Married To A Pilot.

The Best Family Organising Apps If You're A Pilot WifeThe Best Family Organising Apps If You're A Pilot Wife


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