Celebrating Mothers’ Day When Your Pilot Is Away.

Celebrating Mother's Day When Your Pilot Is Away

If you're a pilot's wife, then Mothers' Day is probably just another one of those days where your pilot is working and it's just you and the kids. So is there a way you can still celebrate and make yourself feel special? Sure there is!

First of all, like any celebration, Mothers' Day is what (and when) you choose to make it. If you see it as a day where you should be pampered and waited on hand and foot and you're home alone with small kids, then you're going to be disappointed! Small children don't understand how that works...or that it's your special day, dammit!

How To Spoil Yourself on Mothers' Day

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If Your Pilot is Away, Treat Yourself on Mothers' Day

Keeping that in mind, have a think about how you can reframe your mindset to still make Mothers' Day a special day and still feel like you're being treated.

What are the things you love to do? What are your favourite foods or places to visit? I love to treat myself on Mothers' Day to the things I love. Last year I cooked myself, smashed avocado with Persian feta and basil with bacon and mushrooms. Sure, I had to cook it for myself, but I was still enjoying something I loved. My kids ate cereal because it's easy and they love that. 

I did all the housework I possibly could the day before so I didn't feel like I had to do much on the day. That was a joke! Anyone with small kids knows you're going to be doing work on any given day regardless of how organised you think you are. The good thing was though, that I knew I was ahead of the game so only had to deal with crises on my special day. 

Celebrate with Others

Do you have other pilot wife or single mum friends who live nearby? Why not organise to catch up with them at a nice cafe or playground where you can enjoy each other's company and the kids can play. Make sure you choose somewhere kid friendly, so you don't feel like you spend the whole visit trying to get the kids to sit quietly and behave. That kind of spoils the moment!

If Your Pilot is Away, Enjoy a meal with friends instead on Mothers' Day

If Your Pilot is Away, Enjoy a meal with friends instead on Mothers' Day

How To Help Your Pilot Spoil You On Mother's Day

While your pilot might be away, that doesn't mean he can't do a little bit of spoiling for you from a distance. He may need a little help with this, so we've put together a quick checklist for you to pop in his bag to help him out. You might need to give it to him a couple of days before he goes away to give him time to plan. And don't peek at the checklist...it'll ruin the surprises 🙂

If he needs help choosing some gifts, you can recommend this page which is full of great gift ideas for awesome Pilot Wives.

Change The Date of Your Mothers' Day

Even if you can't be spoiled and pampered by your pilot on the day that Mothers' Day falls on the calendar, that doesn't stop you from picking another day that is all about you. If your pilot follows the checklist, he should be arranging that, but even if he doesn't you can always recommend your own date! 

Be Kind To Yourself

Most importantly, remember you are doing an amazing job. Motherhood can be challenging at the best of times. As a pilot's wife you often have to hold down the fort at home, possibly while juggling your own work schedule, your children's needs and managing a long distance relationship. You probably don't hear often enough that you are a great mum and a fantastic wife, doing the best that you can do but that's exactly who you are. 

Happy Mother's Day fellow Pilot Wife! 

Celebrating Mother's Day When Your Pilot Is Away


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