Crazy Invention

sky families crazy beauty machine

"Designed to ‘Detect Female Beauty Defects’  - Even If They Were Totally Invisible to the Normal Eye..."

The crazy thing about this contraption was not the fact that it was invented in the first place, but that even today, MILLIONS of women around the world keep getting bombarded with messages that they are:

  • Too Big
  • Too Small
  • Too Short
  • Too Tall
  • Too Thin
  • Too Fat
  • Too This
  • Too That

When All Along The Truth is That YOU Are Good Enough – Just The Way You Are!

And you don’t need to be a different shape to look and feel fantastic.

And Here's the Thing:

Sometimes as the partners of a pilot, we forget that lesson. We get so caught up in the busyness of life 'Putting Out Fires and  Spinning Plates' that we don't love ourselves anywhere near as much as we should.

It is something I am 100% determined to help people find solutions for...

One more pic... 🙂