How Sky Families Can Help Airlines

Sky Families is a supportive and connected community for partners of pilots that aims to reduce the dis-connect between work and home for aviation families.

We have discovered that when partners and families struggle to manage the aviation lifestyle, this can place additional pressure on your pilots, and in turn affect their productivity and performance when at work.

Sky Families have brought together successful strategies for navigating life as a pilot’s partner and created a safe community where partners can connect with and support each other. Sky Families is passionate about providing easily accessible information for mental health support services and much more.

Whilst researching to establish Sky Families, we have become aware of a number of the initiatives that airlines have implemented to support their staff and crew.

However, one of the issues we have identified is, that while companies recognise how important it is to educate staff on wellness issues and work life balance, much of that information is not passed onto the partners at home.

We believe that sharing information and initiatives already developed by your company with family members will have positive impacts for couples and families and will give further coping skills and education to the partners left on the ground.

We would love to be able to help you share the valuable resources and programs you have developed and implemented with your staff and their families (where appropriate) to enable them all to benefit and, in turn, assist your flight crew to remain completely focussed on the task at hand when at work.

Sky Families looks forward to working in close conjunction with airlines across Australia and the world.