How Sky Families Helps Families

How Sky Families Helps Families

If you have a partner that works as a pilot and you want to connect with others living the aviation lifestyle then you are in the right spot.

By using this site and the services it provides, you will find yourself within a new community.

A community of other aviation families and partners who know exactly what you are going through when you are home alone, juggling rosters and managing as a sole parent or a solo partner for a lot of the time.

It is here that you will be able to network with other aviation families and partners throughout Australia and across the world.

It is through this network that you will find support, resources, experienced aviation families and be able to belong to a COMMUNITY!

You have the option of being able to link up with and meet other aviation families and partners in your own neighbourhood.

Imagine that, think of the benefits;

  • Meet local people living the same lifestyle, people in the same situation as you.
  • "Swap time" and look after each others kids so you can go and do those things you want and need to do your own, without the added cost of a babysitter
  • (ie, shopping, study, exercise, quiet time on your own, meet a friend for coffee).
  • Your children can make friends with other kids who are in the same family situation
  • Arrange school drops offs
  • Exercise together; take the dogs for a walk
  • Share parenting tips and challenges
  • Network with other aviation partners and people facing similar challenges to you.