Insane Beach Rule

“97 Years Ago Some Brave Women Risked Being Arrested for Dressing Like This..."

Looking back it seems utterly insane. I mean what kind of weirdo feels compelled to employ 'Beach Inspectors' to measure the length of women's bathing suits?

​Thankfully, for most of us, rules like this are dead and buried in the past - where they belong!

However, as a Pilots Partner, could it be that YOU are living under a bunch of crazy, self-imposed rules [or rules others seek to impose on you?]​

Rules that say you have to put on a brave face and pretend to be happy all the time...

Or that you must not admit to feeling frustrated​ and stressed when your pilots roster gets changed at the last minute [throwing weeks of planning to the wind].

And 101 other 'rules' spoken and unspoken...

The truth is there are LOTS of silly rules and misconceptions that can affect us as Pilots Partners.​

An integral part of the SkyFamilies​ Online Community is helping you to break free from emotional and mental baggage.

Why not secure YOUR place now...​

Best Regards,

P.S. I look forward to seeing you inside the Member's Area and to having you as a valued and appreciated part of the Sky Families Community 🙂