Morgan Carver Richards

Morgan Carver Richards - Author and Comedian

Quick Guide to Travelling With Kids - Morgan Carver Richards

"A Quick Guide to Travelling with Kids" is a humorous, informative book for parents travelling with children. It includes pointers, tips, and experiences that will help make a family trip memorable, without the chaos. Topics include: packing, in-flight entertainment, boarding gate entertainment, travelling with babies, travelling with toddlers, security, and how to prepare your home for your return. Some adult language and content included. Add Hyperlink to buy -

Why Your Flight Attendant Hates You - Morgan Carver Richards

"Why Your Flight Attendant Hates You" is a humorous depiction of what a flight attendant's duties consist of. It talks about situations that frustrate flight attendants, frustrate passengers, and cause disruptions in the air. It also talks about what your flight attendant has the power to do, and what they don't have the power to do. I will let you know, in simple terms, why you are not allowed to do certain things while flying. Add Hyperlink to buy -