She Wore High Heels to the Gym

It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?

This is seriously what passed as Home Exercise Equipment back in 1914

But it is what she is wearing that had me in stitches…

And for what it's worth,  I am 100% positive this ad was designed by a man.


Well for a start, look at what she is wearing!

Seriously, after a busy day, who is going to look like that?​

​Of course, today we can look back on a picture like this and laugh at how crazy it is.

​But stop and think for a moment…

​Isn't it true that, as a Pilots Partner, THIS is exactly how many people perceive our lifestyles? [Full of glamor and glitz].

How different reality is, right?​

And doesn’t it just drive you crazy when you tell them:

“My life as a Pilots Partner is absolutely NOTHING like that! whatsoever!”
Only to have them look at you, smile and say “Sure it isn’t”
At times like that, I’ll bet you’d give just about anything to have someplace to go with other pilot’s partners and share real-life tips, insights and solutions.

Well, the Good news is that such a place really does exist…

Sky Families Membership​!

So go ahead and secure YOUR place in our community today!​