Must Have Appliances for Pilots Wives

Best Appliances for Pilots Wives

We all know that being married to a pilot usually means managing more of the household tasks than would be deemed a fair split. Even the most helpful and supportive pilot can only do so much when he spends half his time on the other side of the country, or even the world. With that said, there are some appliances for pilots' wives designed especially to make your life easier and we're here to break them down for you.  

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If your experience with dishwashers is having to rewash half the dishes and leave the rest out to dry then you'll be pleasantly surprised with some of the newer models out there. Definitely consider a drawer model as you can run a smaller wash when your pilot is away and still have a larger capacity when needed. 

We have the Fisher and Paykel dish drawers and I am totally in love with them. I'm not sure what I was thinking waiting so many years with 2 young children but definitely a must have appliance for pilots' wives. 

Check out the Fisher and Paykel Dish Drawers here on Amazon.

I also highly recommend these Clean/Dirty Magnets I found on Amazon. They're a little pricy but worth it, since it means not having to rewash a pile of clean dishes after the kids (or husband) tip a dirty dish on top of everything. 

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Another appliance that has come a long way is the robot vacuum cleaner. Models these days can map your house so they don't miss any spots, have larger collection compartments and are quieter than some older models. You can even get ones with online apps that you can control or set to run at a certain time. 

They can get tangled if things are left on the floor and there is always the risk of this happening, however if you don't have a dog or you're confident in their toileting abilities then this is a no brainer. In fact, the dogs are one of the main reason I'm glad we have this. I try and run it daily and it still gets full of fluff and pet hair.

We have the Samsung PowerBot R9350. It's at the pricier end but it is amazing! We have mostly tiles and one very thick rug and it's perfect on the tiles and even manages the rug when it ends up on there. You can buy the Powerbot online here.

Or maybe try this Darth Vader version if your pilot needs some more convincing! 

Snow Blower

Ok, I'm not gonna lie. I have never even seen one of these in my life, I live in Australia and there are very few places here which would need one. However, I know at times, some of you are surrounded by snow. Piles and piles of snow. It would seem that if you're having to clear a pathway just to get out of your house on top of all the others jobs a Pilot Wife takes on, then a Snow Blower is definitely one of the must have appliances for Pilots' Wives in those snowy climates. 

I'm also not even going to pretend that I have any idea the best type of Snow Blower to get, but I have it on good authority that: There are lots of sizes and options. And you need to consider some of the following things: Electric or gas. How wide of a track? Depends on what you’ll be clearing. A deck? An 800ft driveway? Thank you Allison C. for your advice.

If I've convinced you that you need a magical snow blower then reach out on one of the Pilot Wives Facebook pages you can find here and ask someone who may actually know what they're talking about when it comes to recommending such things!

Or just head here for the top rated one on Amazon.

Instant Pot

After hearing other Pilots' Wives rave about their Instant Pots, I finally caved in and bought one. As always, if anyone is going to know the best appliances for a Pilot's Wife, it's other pilots' wives. We have a number of afternoon activities that get us home right on dinner time. Having the dinner ready to go when we arrive home is a winner. On the odd occasion it's not quite done, the pressure cooker feature means you can finish dinner off in a hurry.

There are a number of different models available on Amazon, like this Instant Pot brand one.

However there are plenty of other brands that make a similar product. Just make sure you have a good look at the sizes available and find one that best suits your family's needs.

Thermomix Thermal Cooking Machine

Best Appliances for Pilots Wives Thermomix

This may be a machine that you're unfamiliar with, however I've been fortunate enough to have one for almost 10 years. It has a number of different functions but I love it most for the way it helps speed up most of my meal prep. 

You can cook entire meals in this, or a portion of the meal or just use it to help with prep. If you have someone in the family with dietary restrictions the Thermomix makes it much easier to prep foods from scratch so you have much more control over what goes into your food. 

I also love that I can start a meal and then walk away and know that it will keep stirring my food and control the temperature so I don't have to worry about burning dinner while I'm doing stuff with the kids. 

To ensure you get the most out of your purchase, Thermomixes need to be purchased from a consultant. Find out if they're available in your country on the Thermomix website.

What's your "Must Have" appliance? Is there something you can't imagine life without? Let us know in the comments below or send me an email. I'm always on the lookout for things to make life easier.

If you're after more tips on how to stay on top of life and the household, have a read of "Planning Ahead When You're Married To A Pilot"


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